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Hey there! 

I thought I’d like to start trying out commissions since I feel as though my art has gotten to a skill level that I can use it for other people. I do a range of art from characters to concept scenery - a lot of my stuff is fanart for games. I'm very new to commissions though, so please try to be patient with me as I get into the swing of it.

Bust: $15
Waist Up: $20
Full Body: $30
Additional Characters: $10/character

Flat/Basic Colours:
Bust: $22
Waist up: $35
Full body: $45
Additional characters: $15/character

Full Colours w. Flat Background:
Bust: $35
Waist up: $45
Full body: $60
Additional characters: $20/character

Full Colours w. Complex Background:
Waist up: $55
Full Body: $75
Additional characters: $25/character

Scenery only work: $60

Speed paint work: 10% off original prices, only applies from full body w. flat background works and down to scenery work on the price list.

More Information:

  • All prices are in US dollars and all transactions will go through paypalPaypal fee not included.
  • Prices may vary on complexity and deadline requirements. 
  • Artwork size is usually A4 300dpi
  • I don’t draw for commercial use or mass production, so on requesting a commission I expect you to be agreeing to the term that will only used for your private use. 
  • However if you wanting an artwork for such a use, you will specifically state what for and we will negotiate prices then.
  • Once I finish the commission I'd upload a smaller version to my gallery/tumblr, if you'd like that not to be the case, please let me know.
  • There are some things that I am uncomfortable with drawing, so I'll reserve the right the accept or deny any of the requests. 
  • I will refund only if I think I cannot do your commission.
Things I am willing to draw: fanart and OC characters. If you want to request an OC character, I’d prefer you give me references as to what the character looks like - and if you can’t, you will need to describe them in detail. (Reference images in general would be really great, like a certain pose you'd want, etc.).

Things I am not willing to draw: NSFW in general, gore (light blood is okay), furries/fursonas. I'm also quite inexperienced doing art of mechas/vehicles, as a note.

Requesting a commission:

  1. Contact me via email or note to work out the commission and price.
  2. On confirmation, please pay a down payment of 50%.
  3. I will send you an initial sketch for your approval and then another detailed one, where you can ask for any alterations - after that I will try to keep you updated with the progress at least once a week.
  4. Upon completion, I will send a screenshot for a final confirmation.
  5. If you are happy with the final product, please pay remaining the 50% and I will send the full resolution artwork to you. :)
For more inquiries or to request a commission: or send a note


Moana portrait. References used, done in photoshop. Anything anyone want to see next?
Shadow and light: portraiture study
Haven't had a lot of practice over the past few days, so here is a study. Samantha Ravndahl. Hopefully I'm getting at hair.
Greyscale study
Casually cropped off the hand that looked real terrible. Otherwise was kind of fun, approximately 2 hrs. Weirdly looks like some sort of 50 shades thing now though... awks.
Some technique practice continued with Lara Croft. Reference used to see what her hair etc looks like, otherwise this just started with simple guides to sculpt a face.
Practicing a few new techniques. Reupload edit: needed to change the arm cos it was bothering me.


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